Scotty the Cat, episode 4 – the final chapter

Scotty is now terrified of our house.

The number of empty rooms and cardboard boxes left lying around the place has made him freak out a little bit, and he can’t stand the sound or even the threat of cardboard boxes being moved around. I think it might be because he loves climbing in and out of them, which he was doing with unstoppable zeal earlier today. (We were in fact quite lucky he didn’t climb into a box inhabited by about two dozen hibernating wasps in our barn.) Think about it – would you be a little concerned for your well-being if the very thing you enjoyed living peacefully in started floating ominously towards you, while appearing to be pulled along by some kind of giant bipedal monstrosity ten times bigger than you?

…And you happened to be a rather stupid cat? Okay, now the metaphor makes sense.

This is unfortunately the final installment of the Scotty the Cat series as we will be leaving him behind when we buzz off to Oz. He is after all, not our animal.

“If I fits, I sits.” …You don’t fit. “Screw you I’m a cat.”

But he is probably the best thing that happened to us while we’ve been here in Norfolk… even if he did puke on my bed that one time. But apart from that, he’s clearly well-trained because he has not left his leavings throughout the house or deliberately tried to damage our furnishings – with the possible exception of clawing at the carpet occasionally – which he always does for about 4 seconds at the very top of the stairs… for some unknown reason.

We’ll miss you, Scotty boy. Hopefully the new house owners will look after you and your stray buddy Smoky, and you’ll get along with their cats, too. In honor of your endless capability for entertaining us with your mindless tom-foolery (forgive the pun), here are some videos of you that I thought were worthy of sharing. They’re not particularly flattering, but they are still some of the better memories we have of you. Cheers, Scott.

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