Systematic chaos

Currently our entire house smells of dusty cardboard, old plastic, bubble-wrap and industrial-strength cleaning solution.

It is unbridled insanity over here.

Removal men have been round for the last couple of days doing what I believe gives them their name – removing stuff from the premises. And by jove they’re fast. The house has been virtually stripped to the marrow in less than 36 hours. The stuff that they haven’t hauled out already has gone down to the local dump into one of their gigantic screaming mincing machines.

The wireless modem has been relocated to my mum’s “office”, meaning that the wireless signal throughout the house is now for some reason terribly patchy. So the single table in there has become a kind of nerve centre for the whole family’s computer-based necessities. We’ve got all four of our laptops wired up to what has been dubbed Spaghetti Junction.

Not pictured: Sanity

To make matters ever more chaotic, the removal men will most likely be turning this room upside-down tomorrow.

Oh the joys of moving. 😛

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