I hate mice

No, computer mice.

I seem to have had nothing but trouble after trouble with mine. The lovely little laser mouse I got with this lappy died on me a while ago, after having no problems in the two years or so that I had it. I had to have one nearly twice the size as a replacement, which took a bit of getting used to. 🙁

My brother’s was exactly the same when he had it, but for some reason his took like an extra ounce of pressure just to click. It’s a wonder his index finger didn’t become a professional wrestler.

Then, the one I got after my first one died developed an utterly insane problem. It would unclick in the middle of a prolonged click (making click-and-drag selection virtually impossible), or outright fail to click at all. This was so frustrating for me, I slammed it against the work surface in a fit of unbridled and unjustifiable rage when it misbehaved, which probably made the problem so much worse. At the time I was working on my Music Tech A2 project and I think I might have gotten a few odd looks from my classmates when this happened.

I’ve had horrible luck with mousemats, too. The one I’m using at the moment is fine, but I can recall being virtually unable to move my mouse around on it at some point. Might’ve been a problem with the mouse, but it sure “felt” like it was the mat’s fault.

Most recently, my current mouse has been playing up in ridiculous ways periodically. The left-mouse button and the middle button will sometimes click twice. If I’m moving the mouse while it happens, it will often click in two places at once simultaneously. If I’m opening a new tab in Firefox I’ll get the same one appearing twice – sometimes even three times.

Throughout the worst spells of this technical nightmare, mapping for Doom becomes nigh-impossible, especially when selecting several items at once – things will be deselected randomly, or a window will pop up when it’s the last thing I want, and it likes to select things I don’t even remember moving my mouse anywhere near. Browsing on the internet becomes frought with paranoia because whenever I click a window away, whatever is beneath will also be clicked (sometimes twice) – a couple of times now I’ve accidentally clicked on ads, which is of course a stupid thing to do. I become so paranoid due to the arrogant behavior of my mouse, that when I make myself sandwiches, I get the irrational and horrible feeling that my finger is going to click on the bread twice and it will end up clicking a popup underneath or something.

Also it likes to do exactly the opposite and cut out randomly, or just slow down for a few seconds during a crucial game or at a point where I need to move a window critically. Yeah, thanks there, buddy. ^_^

Also fuck Mac mice. What the hell’s going on there.

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  • Yeah… Most mice suck. My favorite is a specific old Logitech wireless mouse — I keep buying them for when these two die, but they haven’t died in 12 years; So, I keep the spares in the deep freezer (which is the correct place to store your hardware — heat “ages” matter via entropy…).

    Anyhow, it was made before the FCC stepped in and limited the wireless range — damn thing has a range of over 20 meters! (60 ft). I also use my Wacom Intuos4 tablet as a mouse (since it comes with a mouse as well as a pen), and it’s pretty good, except during drag operations it craps out like you mentioned yours doing above.

    IMO, the pen is far more intuitive than the mouse for active design / edit (work), but the mouse is better suited for restful use (non-work).

    Here’s the little fellow now:
    (Out of Stock, but I’m pretty sure you can find this on e-bay if you dare).

    Even if you can’t find them: I’ve found many of the Logitech brand mice quite sturdy & reliable…

    What we really need is a direct mind-machine interface; However, there are privacy concerns and the operation is a two-way process…. As soon as we work out these and other details I may ditch mice altogether.

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