“In the works” #1

Occasionally I won’t release anything for a while. This happens – either my creativity stagnates or outside forces conspire to prevent me from uploading anything to this site or my YouTube channel.

This post will serve as an update to any and all works that I am currently working on (or that I owe to people and have yet to send to them), which will hopefully be done in the very near future. They will be uploaded to my channel once complete.


Abandonment – For Chaindude. This is a song that has remained in an unfinished state on my computer for probably years now, but it deserves the courtesy of being finished. [Done: 80%]
Art of the Conjurer
– Random song. This will be a creepy orchestral/woodwind track in 3/4 time. [Done: 80%]
Coal – For skillsaw. A mid-tempo synthy song reminiscent of Doom’s “Dark Halls”, with of course my own stylistic elements thrown in. [Done: 100%]
Conductor – For Grymmoire. A moody, mid-tempo guitar based track with 80’s-style polysynths over the top. [Done: 10%]
Dispersion – For valkiriforce‘s project “Reverie”. A fast-paced, guitar-oriented track, inspired by Mark Klem’s “Reason for Nothing”. [Done: 20%]
Fallen Sun – For valkiriforce‘s project “Reverie”. A progressive, sombre, guitar-and-synth-based track. This will also feature on “Creation”. [Done: 100%]
Slough of Traps – For Grymmoire. A remix of the original Doom’s music tracks for the levels “Slough of Despair” and “Tricks ‘n’ Traps”. [Done: 50%]

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