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I should probably be getting on with work that I am actually supposed to be doing, but in this “interim” of procrastination (we’ll call it that, rather than “my everyday lifestyle”), I have recently put out not one but two albums of 30 songs – all composed within a very stringent time limit.

Either way, you can check out the releases below at my BandCamp.

30-in-30: 30 songs each written in 30 minutes

Click for BandCamp link!

30in30 2: 30 more songs all (mostly) written in that number of minutes

Click for BandCamp link!

30in30 is a collection of 30 “speedMIDI”s I’ve created over the course of 2013 to 2015. Most of these MIDIs were written in 30 minutes or less – hence the totally original name. A wide variety of styles and moods are on show here, much more so than my usual work.

The idea behind the composition process is that I give myself 30 minutes or less to compose a song, or at least the bulk of one, in General MIDI (since that’s what I can do quickest), then go back afterwards and add finishing touches and improvements… which oftentimes takes way more than 30 minutes, all things considered.

Personally I think the songs in the second installment are much better than the ones in the first, and I hope this trend of improvement continues, as I’m already working on a third.

I ought to thank Jerry and Alfonzo, who challenged me to several MIDI duels that helped me create these two albums, and to AD_79, ClonedPickle, battleofthebits.org, and my family for the ideas and inspiration that birthed some of these abominations. Shoutout to the people in #doommusicians as well!

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Fantastic news! The Adventures of Square is coming to EGX London 2015 THIS MARCH 12-14!

All the details are here, and you can get tickets here.

If you’re around there and then, come check us out! Myself, my brother Baratus (the voice for Square), Matt “MTrop” Tropiano (the voice of the circles), and Jerry “jmickle” Mickle (our PR guy) will be showcasing the game over this period.

Needless to say, this is exciting stuff. It’s been a little over three years since I left England, so itshould be great to be back “home” again. I also get to meet two of my developers face-to-face for the first time. We’ve worked on this project purely through the power of the internet, but now it’s time to take things a step further, now that we’re pushing Square further out into the indie gaming sphere.


Here’s the link to our website, where you can try the game for free, and to our Facebook page.

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An interesting article today – rather a few moons ago (due to my incredible knack for time mismanagement), a band who are apparently actually quite well-known and well-regarded in the metalsphere actually e-mailed me asking for a review of their sophomore album. Let me just say that I was pleasantly surprised to receive this e-mail and that I’ll be happy to do any further reviews by request like this – time permitting, of course. I have been very preoccupied with various projects and commitments lately, which I will be sure to post about in the near future.

Vocals and Guitars: Matt Page
Bass: Chris Tackett
Drums: Joey Waters

Website: http://www.dreamtheelectricsleep.com/

I also listened to their earlier work, “Lost and Gone Forever”. They’re a progressive band, for sure – they’re a group with points to make and stories to tell, and they do so through the medium of thought-provoking, lovingly and elaborately constructed music. There’s a great deal of emotion on display at every turn, every chord carrying the appropriate weight to it, major or minor (and these two opposites are utilised excellently in the compositions themselves), and singer Matt Page’s voice complimenting the music brilliantly. If you’d like to take a look at a review for that you can find one here – a seemingly well-received release – it was named Album of the Year 2011 by this blogger!

The band has published a guide to today’s album, their second release, on their website. To summate its artistic purpose, it draws inspiration from the ideals of women over the ages who have sought to improve the world, in spite of adversities or social stigmas. This is cemented by the album’s cover artwork:

History buffs will notice that all these women are signficant – Virginia Woolf, Faith Wilding, Emily Dickinson, Faith Ringgold, Dame Ethel Mary Smith, Helga Birgitta, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, and Christine de Pisan.

The album, having 11 songs, but boasting a running time of 73 minutes – is divided into five segments, which make up two songs each, apart from the final segment which makes up three. “Heresies”, “Introductions”, “The Yellow Wallpaper”, “Cornered”, and “Waiting”. The lyrical themes across the tracks, backed by the instrumentation, seem to start off jolly and upbeat, but soon progress into despondency and despair, before becoming strong and empowering again by the time the album is over.

It’s an album that doesn’t pull any punches, and is a pretty epic journey of heart and mind. Let’s venture forth then.

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Just dropping in real quick here to let you guys know that while I’m a bit late, I have delivered what I promised! (I uploaded this video at Christmas time last year.)

I’m working on making things on my end a bit more organized. The MIDIs and Albums pages have been updated greatly with new content.

And for those interested, I’ve added some more links to my Videos page. I’ve been busy this last year, that’s for sure!

The biggest thing of note, however, is the fact that a lot of my stuff is now featured exclusively on BandCamp. My finest (in my humble opinion) works are now bundled neatly into downloadable albums for affordable prices on the website. Now you can more easily add the tunes to your music library, listen on the go if you add them to your mobile device of choice, and I fully allow burning them to CD for personal use (and personal use only), i.e. listening in your kitchen or car or whatever.

More albums are to come, including the third Back to Saturn X album, the music for The Adventures of Square, and hopefully my most ambitious musical venture yet, the soundtrack to the work-in-progress Doom megaproject Supplice. However, most notably, there is now a “Best Of” collection that features 32 of what I consider to be my best ever works from 2008 to last year.


Click that graphic of my face right there to go straight to it on my BandCamp page. Check it out!

Also, I promise I’m going to make a big post here at some point about my 2014. May be a while though. It was eventful, I can say that much. 😛

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Holy crap I’m alive and what is this.

Yep, after just over a year of solid labor, an official release of my ZDoom magnum opus has finally seen the light of day.

This thing has already been described as “a total conversion but more” and I’m inclined to see it as its own independent game. Absolutely no assets from the original Doom game are present here, apart from the game engine itself, and even that is modified greatly by the ZDoom port. It is officially now a throwback to the original Doom, rather than simply being a mod designed for it.

Anyway, enough ego-jerking, here’s the release post from Doomworld!


The brilliant Doctor Octagon has been kidnapped! Square must find him, and rescue him from the clutches of the Circle of Evil, a mysterious cult hellbent on the domination of Shape Land. He will square off against terrible monsters and impossible traps in order to prove that he’s no square when it comes to justice. Guide him to the center of the Circle’s domain, unravel their malicious plot, and win the day fair and square.

The Adventures of Square™ is a wacky and wonderful total conversion for the DOOM engine by Bigbrik Games: a new company of level designers, programers, musicians and procrastinators whose impetuous charge is to make things blow up in fun and interesting ways! Lead by James Paddock from 2011, the project began as an ambitious, one-man attempt to bring to life a hidden world of paint, puns and shapism, but soon grew to become the flagship title of a small and dedicated team, including community veterans Xaser, Alfonzo, MTrop, Pavera and Tarnsman. While the first episode is a complete and paid-for experience, it’s only a small taster of the crazy delights we have in store for later – so stay tuned!

Square makes extensive use of ZDoom’s advanced features in the UDMF format, with a unified approach to its level design, art direction and gameplay. Players can expect to find all the best elements of DOOM’s fast and frenetic pace unencumbered by a sharp focus on fun, shapely layouts and free-flowing combat, and with a variety of new and familiar mechanics that build upon this brand of play. The game is made with speedrunning and multiplayer in mind, and features exclusive deathmatch (Square-Off!) maps in which to blast your buddies. It’s the whole shebang, I tell ya!

The Squareware™ features the first episode of the game, Cornered By Circles: Radial Dawn, including:

  • 9 fully playable levels, fresh out of Shape Land.
  • 16 tracks from The Adventures of Square OST, courtesy of the musical minds of Jimmy, Xaser, Alfonzo and jmickle.
  • All-new textures and artwork.
  • All-new sounds and voice acting.
  • 4 exclusive deathmatch maps.
  • Arcade style Time Attack! Mode for single-player support in deathmatch levels.
  • Support for Xbox controllers.
  • Partial support for Mac users.
  • Really, really awful puns. I mean Jesus.

Be There And Be Square!


Also we have a website! Watch that page for all changes.


Here are the release threads:



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It’s been a long time coming, but here it is. Me and my brother wrote an EP. We wrote melodies, lyrics, then sang and played to create the songs, and then the music was arranged and mixed and mastered to the best of our collective abilities. We present to you the final product of our labours:


The Rainbow Season EP.

Head over to iTunes now to listen to and download the EP!

Track listing:

  1. Control (4:39)
  2. In My Box (4:56)
  3. Breakthrough (4:54)
  4. Judgement Day (6:06)

Rainbow Season are an electronic music duo originally from Surrey, England, now living in Perth, Western Australia, consisting of brothers James Paddock (writing, composition, backing vocals and mixing) and Ben Paddock (additional writing, lead vocals).

Their style is perhaps unsual, merging the facets of rock, particularly of the alternative and progressive varieties, into upbeat electronic pop numbers. They perform with a range of vocal styles, from quiet to harsh. Their music aims to provoke thought on touchy or controversial subjects such as self-aggrandizement, social introversy, self-humiliation in the pursuit of internet fame, and the prediction of doomsday.

Composition-wise, the songs aim to have a wide spread of sounds, mainly electronic, but not discounting acoustic – as well as complex arrangements, keeping the songs varied with strong instrumental solos, frequent (but non-jarring) key changes, and instrumentation change-ups to allow for maximum dynamic and timbral variation. Most importantly, however, the songs are written with pop-like catchiness and memorability in mind, with the songs being highly melody-driven, the instrumental sections having as much musical diversity as possible, and the sung sections having infectious vocal hooks and powerful rhythms to make sure the songs can be sung along to, and also danced to.

James and Ben Paddock grew up in Addlestone, Surrey, England, before moving to Norfolk for their higher education and finally to Wanneroo, Western Australia, to pursue their interests and careers. Both are virtually completely self-taught in everything they’ve put together on this album, aside from James who has recently started vocal tuition, and for future Rainbow Season pursuits will be taking a more upfront approach to performing and recording his vocals.

With the release of their debut self-titled EP, they sincerely hope you’ll enjoy their take on what music is really all about.

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Rainbow Season are proud to release a lyric video for the first track off their debut EP – enjoy “Control”! 😀

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Ladies and men of the gentle disposition, I can conclusively say that Rainbow Season, the joint musical venture between myself and my brother, are finally ready to unleash their EP to the world. The tracks have been mixed to the best of my ability, mastered, and uploaded to CDBaby – and the EP will be available for purchase on CDBaby, iTunes and Amazon on January 12th, 2014!

Recently the brilliant Thomas van der Velden created a new piece of artwork for the EP’s cover. He loves his giant robots. Here’s what he had to say about deciding to do it this way:

So basically it’s a giant robot walking around in a rainbow-like landscape.
I could tell you a philosophical story about how the giant robot symbolises your musical creations, which allow you to step into the colorful world of music. The robot (your music) allows you to rise above the normal world, but only works with both pilots (musicians) present.
… but really I just wanted to draw a giant robot :)


Screw symbolism! GIANT ROBOTS.

Ben and I sincerely hope you enjoy the music as soon as it’s available. We will uploading further promotional videos in the near future, which will hopefully include a teaser trailer of all four tracks, and at least one lyric video. Until then, here is an exclusive preview of the first track off the Rainbow Season EP – Control.

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Season’s greetings to all our friends, family and followers! We (myself and Ben) have a very special announcement. :O

We hope you had a splendid Christmas and wish you a great 2014 to follow! Here’s a VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE concerning the EP.

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